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Alter: 27 Größe: 174 Gewicht: 60
Brust: 5 Europäisch Blondinen
Some men are leg men. They can't help it. They were born that way. If this is you, stay true to your birthright and invite Maja over for a night of sin, seduction and the hottest legs in town. Let's linger longer and luxuriate in the subject of Maja's great legs. These long, very slender stems really should come with a warning. They are almost too hot to handle. The journey from her thin, high heeled stilettos and divinely shaped ankles, all the way her up narrow calves and thighs that are magically slender all the way up, is along a road of pure bliss that culminates in the two perfect, pert pillows of her bottom. In her early 26's, with a mass of brunette hair, Maja loves to have fun. She is the life in every party and will bring the party into your life, and her youthful stamina means the party will never stop. If you have a girlfriend, invite her along. Maja loves women and 3 is her favourite number. Maja's glowing, clear skinned beauty and sassy, confident walk will thrill you as she comes towards you, but her pouty bubble butt has a sultry voice of its own and the thrill will be even greater when she walks away. So much so that you won't be able to resist chasing after her. Maja is genuinely bi-sexual and one of Zagreb's newest high class escorts. +381642756047

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